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  1. Can I add additional aircrafts to G1000 Student Simulator (i.e. Mooney, Beech Baron, etc.)?  
  2. Can I assign buttons on a Joystick controller for use with the G1000 software?  
  3. Can I integrate the G1000 Student into an existing FSX Panel?  
  4. Can I resell my G1000 Student Software?  
  5. Can I use the G1000 with Flight1's Cessna Citation Mustang?  
  6. Do I need the Student Version for the TRC-1000 or is there another version for this hardware?  
  7. Does the G1000 Student have WAAS capability for FSX aircraft?  
  8. Does the G1000 Support Touchscreen Monitors?  
  9. Error - Required Simconnect DLL Missing  
  10. G1000 Software Freezes While Compiling  
  11. How do I remove the G1000 Bezels for my custom setup?  
  12. How many personal computers can I install the G1000 Student software?  
  13. I cannot connect the G1000 Student and Prepar3D 2.2  
  14. I get an access violation error and I am not able to start the G1000 Student.  
  15. I would like to configure my G1000 Student buttons and knob actions to use custom keystroke assignments. How do I do that?  
  16. Integrated Video Card Issues  
  17. Is there a demo or trial version available of the G1000 Software?  
  18. Magenta Command Bars Don't Display  
  19. Nav Swap Switch Inoperative for Nav 1  
  20. Navigraph Data Updates  
  21. No IP Address Error  
  22. Product Manual Preview  
  23. Range Knob Joystick  
  24. Resetting the G1000 Student Config Files to solve potential issues  
  25. Using G1000 Student with Windows 7  
  26. Using G1000 Student with Windows 8  
  27. What type of monitors should I use?  
  28. When using the G1000 Student Software I cannot hear any alerts?  
  29. Will the G1000 work with Flight Simulator 2004?  

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